Ignite Greenhouse is an open-source IoT project for data collection, visualization and managing your greenhouse. You can see various sensor data from your greenhouse on your app.

Github : github.com/IoT-Ignite/IgniteGreenhouse

For our IoT project documentation visit www.iot-ignite.com/documents

How to use

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Getting Started

What things you need to get information of your greenhouse.

1. Install Ignite Greenhouse for Android

2. Get Ignite Greenhouse Kit (Gateway, Gateway App, Sensors)

:cactus: You can buy a kit or can find step by step instructions to create your own kit on here :cactus:

3. Register your Ignite Greenhouse Kit with using your Android device.

Technical Structure

Gateway devices are at the center of the scheme. Gateways interact other elements: Sensors, Cloud and your Android devices.

  1. Sensors publish and gateways receive data with using the RF protocol.
  2. The gateway sends the data to IoT-Ignite Cloud platform with using Gateway App that already loaded on the gateway for collecting and processing data.
  3. Cloud keeps processed data.
  4. Finally, the data comes to your Android device with using Ignite Rest Client API.

Project Dependencies