Welcome to IoT-Ignite Service Provider Application (SPA) documentation. This Ionic HTML 5 sample mobile application shows how a Service Provider interacts with Gateways, Nodes and IoT Ignite Cloud APIs found in IoT-Ignite platform. For full information about IoT-Ignite please visit iot-ignite.com.

Github Page : github.com/IoT-Ignite/ionic-application-ServiceProvider

Full Documentation: iot-ignite.github.io/ionic-application-ServiceProvider/

Service Provider

IoT-Ignite is a public platform for makers or IoT service providers. We provide IoT-Ignite service libraries, application samples that discovers and registers your nodes and gateways easily, ready for developers and REST APIs for cloud communication of your services.

Sample Application

Ionic Framework

Ionic lets developers build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. For more information about Ionic Framework please visit https://ionicframework.com.